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    Our DPF cleaning method has been proven to reduce soot levels to a minimum
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DPF Solutions

As the name Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) suggests it is a filter in the exhaust system that at some point in your vehicles life will at great expense require replacing. On most vehicles the DPF will have a shelf life of around 100,000 miles until the build-up of ash from the regeneration processes becomes the blocking contaminant, but this can be greatly reduced by a few factors.

Short journeys will be the most common cause of failure because regeneration targets will not be reached, in contrast motorway driving in high gears using low engine revs means that on some vehicles exhaust gas temperatures will not reach a high enough level for the DPF to carry out a passive regulation, in both cases to burn off the soot accumulation.

The function of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve also needs to be working correctly for the DPF to operate effectively. Lastly all vehicles that have a DPF fitted should use a low ash content engine oil to prevent an accelerated build-up of ash matter.

The common practise of tuning companies and garages offering DPF deletes has been illegal since 2014, the link below to the official government PDF document which highlights the diesel particulate filter (DPF) function and operation, MoT regulations and the construction and use regulations.

Official Government DPF Guidance

Our DPF cleaning method has been proven to reduce soot levels to a minimum (due to failed regenerations because of driving style), clean a blocked DPF so it can be forced to regenerate with a diagnostic scan tool and, if carried out as part of your vehicles regular maintenance schedule, it can also help the build-up of ash accumulation thus extending the life of your DPF indefinitely and saving many thousands of pounds.

Benefits of a Chip Tuning Solutions DPF clean

  • 100% legal solution
  • Cheaper than buying a genuine DPF replacement part
  • Better for the environment

Please call Chip Tuning Solutions with for more information or to book a DPF clean.

What is a DPF?

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a device fitted to the exhaust system of modern diesel vehicles to reduce emissions and meet European emission standards. It traps Soot (Particulate Matter - PM) from the exhaust gasses while letting the gasses flow through the system.

The main reason for a DPF is to reduce particulate matter entering the atmosphere.

DPFs have been in common use in cars and light commercial vehicles since 2003 in preparation for Euro 4 regs. Euro 5 (2009) made it compulsory for diesel cars and light commercial vehicles to have a DPF fitted.

Chip Tuning Solutions provide Performance Solutions, ECU remapping, DPF Solutions and other vehicle tuning solutions to improve your vehicles performance or fuel economy.

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