Performance Solutions

Although ECU remapping is safe for the engine, increasing its performance in this way can cause stress to components in such a way that it may highlight a weakness not normally seen under the factory setting conditions. Customers must be aware that performance tuning of any kind has the ability to do this and Chip Tuning Solutions will not be responsible for this.

The power increase graphs shown for each model are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect real life dynamometer readings.

All Performance Solution power increase figures will vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle and will depend greatly on vehicle condition.

Post tuning dynamometer readings showing power increases less than what is stated will not be warranted without a pre tuning dynamometer reading and this is at the discretion of Chip Tuning Solutions.

Main Dealer Reflash

Chip Tuning Solutions will reinstate any of our solutions free of charge for the first year after the work has been carried out, however if a special journey is required a 20p per mile charge will be applied on a round trip basis.

14 day money back guarantee

This money back guarantee is applicable if there is a valid reason for having the vehicle returned to factory setting within 14 days of the work being completed (inclusive of the day the work was carried out). If the original price included an out of the 50 miles radius charge this will not be refunded.

Returning to factory settings after 14 days

If a vehicle requires returning to factory settings after the 14 day period has expired a flat fee of £50 will be applied. If a special journey is necessary a mileage charge of 20p per mile on a round trip basis will be levied.

Chip Tuning Solutions provide Performance Solutions, ECU remapping, DPF Solutions and other vehicle tuning solutions to improve your vehicles performance or fuel economy.

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