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Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDi

It's been over a week now and I have to say I'm happy

The day after the remap I did a 500 mile round trip primarily on motorways at cruising speeds in 6th gear. As is usual on motorways occasionally you want to nip into the outside lane and overtake and usually I had to drop a gear to do so but now with this remap I just put my foot down and the torque acceleration easily had me overtaking... I noted that after my journey my fuel consumption had improved, I gained an extra 40 miles on a journey that I do regularly so that’s a saving in my pocket.

I then had a regular week at work where I was driving at commuting speeds, gear changes, dual carriageways, overtaking etc and was very happy with all the gear changes,, nippy accelerations at all gears and overall perkiness of the car. I had previously logged my mileage on these journeys so that I had comparisons and I'm very happy to have improved economy in this instance too of around 50.

Very worthwhile having this remap carried out and really enjoying driving my Peugeot RCZ as it's supposed to be set up.

Michaelfrom Guisborough

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